Hebridean SeaweedHebridean Seaweed

The Hebridean Seaweed Company

Seaweed is a natural resource and grows in abundance around the coasts of the crystal clear pristine waters of the Outer Hebrides.  Of note, is the availability of ascophyllum nodosum (commonly called Knotted wrack).

Hebridean Seaweed Company processes the raw ascophyllum nodosum into high quality environmentally friendly organic seaweed products. The process uses the most modern methods within the industry, ensuring that high standards of quality control are achieved. The production facility is also capable of processing other seaweed species to individual customer requirements.

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The Hebridean Seaweed Company, Arnish Point, Stornway, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides
T: 01851 701255 E: info@hebrideanseaweed.co.uk